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Welcome to HashTap rental service. Here you can pay BTC to "tap" into Zpool's hashpower and direct it at any 3rd party pool or even private pools. HashTap's goal is to provide unique algorithms to miners for speculative mining.

Registration is required in order to rent hash from HashTap™. During the registration process you will be given a bitcoin deposit address which is used to top up your account balance. You will then be able to rent hash power to use on third party or private pools.

HashTap™ does not charge fees to create taps, cancel taps, stop or start taps and no hidden fee's for work restarts.

HashTap™ Status (hmq1725)

Algo Taps Total Tapped Available Current Price Rate

* only hashpower with extranonce.subscribe or reconnect support can be rented.

** if you are not getting hash, try increasing the diff of the remote pool

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